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Name: Brett What is my age: 31

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So proud Lorenzo you Legend!!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!

Well this is something I never thought I would do! At last the suns come out after a whole morning of thunder storms! Selling shoes for a fiver at new look customer service has gone to shit but shoes are cheap!

Keep smiling through these long ass shifts! There may be trouble ahead ;- Just been completely out done in Zumba today back to the weight section where they don't laugh at me as much!

I need a change now! Not keen on work and even less eager to get home. Normal job BoredAtWork. Hammering the gym determined to beat the cravings, have to be honest sometimes it's fuckin hard.

Don't know why I can't sleep with 12 hr shifts everyday! Melissa Walker AlyssaLee69 Brighton.

My gorgeous boy! AlyssaLee69 one up day one down day.

Congratulations to the cyclists completing the London to Brighton race but don't act like a bunch of complete pervs afterwards! AlyssaLee69 Is in Lincoln. Watching the traffic cops trying to embarrass Katie Price, can't work out who looks more of a knobAw bless some old guy walking down the A23 on his way to Brighton only 20 miles left to go.

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