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Then Amelia in a awful skomful voice told em that if they was up ou styles like she was they would know that what she had around her neck was cald a chin-chin coller and was the very latest thing out. Then Amelia stuck ner nose up in the air and started home. Let this be a warning not to tetch strong drink. Gale says it aint everybuddy who lias will power enuff to stop smokin like hes done.

In that case you will hear about it later. We admired the mince pies joplin stranger personals said so adding joplin stranger personals we was alius a great hand for mince pies being as mince pies was our faverite pies. Anser— it aint no use. When their aint no news to print how can we print it, we ask? Witherow came to the'door and informed us that Abe was out and askt us if we wouldnt come in to the kitchin and git warm so we done so. Now is the time to have your ice cut.

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Lige then chased Lige outen the house with a floormop and told him if he ever set foot in her kitchen joplin stranger personals ex-ept for his meels she wouldent be responsible for what she done to him. Lime thinks what mite Of made him sick was eating a mess of cold sawsidge and haff a mince pie and some doughnuts before he retired the nite before. Bud was real good during the service. A cashual 'stranger passin hear what Rev. Moore was preaching about. In fackt things is very dull here, but of course nobuddy can tell when somethink aw tul or sensashional will happen. Why is it our inhabitants all dens up and hibernates and remains in a commytose condishion during this period like a passel of woodchucks we ask?

Lige Aint Mutch of a Sod-fierer Lige Green sent to a big male order store in Cheecawgo and got a sodder-ing outfit whitch he thort. Ezekiel Snodgrass is suffering from a sore toe. The deacon hollored out a swear word afore he realised where he was, then he put on his hat and went home. in 7-Day Free Trial. Jerushy throwd the pan of grain into the air and some of it went down her neck and she had to take all her close offen herself to extricate it.

Sam Snyder has purchased a new pung and with that two year old colt of his Sam has a awful stylish turnout. We persoom however most folks would prefer to re-leeve their toothake some other way. Along thru janooary and Feboo-ary Bingville is deadem a doornail or a pickeld mackerel, or both for that matter. Why dont you git joplin stranger personals and hussle if it aint for nothink more than a pearants sake so folks will know you aint past on.

Tother day we went down to the P. Then we returned home in deep disgust. Why dont Bingville residents shuwel the snow offen their sidewalks in front of their houses? Jake says he dont blame a clock for stoppin espeshiallv when a mouse bilds a nest in it. Gid Joplin stranger personals says he aint warshed his fase for a week and dont perpose to until the wether moderates. Dont wait til next summer whitch will be too late.

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These is about all the items whitch we can think of that has happend around the Corners this wk. Jerushy was purty mad and said the hens would haft to go without their feed until evg. Buy Print. Jerushy Perkins while going out to feed her hens tother morning slipt on the ice and fell on her back piazza.

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We will haft to say that Mrs. Witherow is a generous woman and its to bad that her husband Abe is so stingy that he wont pay his subscripshion. Zeke says they diddent need parin very bad ennyhow and itll be a cold day when he pares em agin.

It also cuwered her mouth and nose and almost her eyes so that she couldnt skeercely see where she was steppin and nearly fell down fcwict on her way to service. Iz Cooking while in the P. The spelling bee at the schoolhousc last Friday evg was well attended. Lem is a awful good speller. In fackf its a rare site along through midwinter to see as mutch of a of life as a dog on the street. Gale Joplin stranger personals has stop! All January 16, Newspaper Archives.

As a result he lost his balance and fell into his tub of cold worter whitch he cools his iron in and. Sib says everybuddys dend up and expecks to remain so until the wether gits warmer.

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We can see how a chin chin coller would be very becomink to a girl whose fase was so blamed ugly that she desired to keep it under cover, but where ennybuddy has got a purty fase like Amelia has we shouldnt joplin stranger personals shed want to hide it. If not thats quite a coincidence being as most everybuddys else has. Jake couldnt understand what in tarnashion made it stop until next day he made a examinashion of it and discuverd to his disgust that a mouse had bilt her nest in the clock and was probly a going to raise a litter of yung ones.

Bale said the burn on his hand so ockupide his attenshion that he forgot all about his toothake. Glad We Cald Last Tuesday we called at the residence of Abe Witherow to see if it would be agreeable for Abe to pay us a doller or two oil his back subscripshior.

W e chatted with Mrs. Witherow whilst we partook of the pie joplin stranger personals to our surprise we kept partooking of it until we had consumed the hole entire pic.

Has your pump froze up you as yet? Widow Hinckley and her son Bud who aint quite right in his head attended church services last Sabbath morning. Whats nicer for brck-fust than a nice mess of hot sawsidge or what is more comforting at bedtime that a nice mess of cold sawsidge? Eph Higgins our Joplin stranger personals. O was shet was becuz it was so tar-nashion cold that there wassent no P. Thats a nice enter-prisin way for the prop, of a big business emporium to ackt aint it?

This condishion of a fairs simply makes our blud bile. Its turrible delishus. The 1 oiler is ruined and Lige has give up going into the soddering bizness. Biggest and only newspaper In this and of the Co. ULjy i.

If yea believe In advertising, tome sad see tie, For further laformstlon call on or address the joplin stranger personals. A stranger comink into our midst at the present writing would think that ther wassent a live soul in the hull blame town and he wouldn't be far wrong neither. When cold wether comes all the men folks of this dadblamed town lets their whiskers and hair grow until spring and as a result I aint cut but two heds of hair and three shaves during the last month. Martha Tucker, one of our most respeckted ladies of Bingville begin last September to read a continued love story in a magazine whitch she takes and the story is still continued and Martha says goodness knows how soon it will be finished and joplin stranger personals it aint soon shell have nervus prostrashion becuz at the end of every chapter shes read the hero or the heroeen is left in some turrible perdickament that a person woulddent think theyd never git out of.

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Witherow had just tuk a cupple of mince pies outen the baker whitch was setting on the window ledge to cool. Bale Joplin stranger personals was neerly frantick with a ole holler tooth akin him tother morning about 1 a. Lem Atkins stood up longest and spelt down everybuddy there.

Ruthern starve todeth go out into the cold and cut ise. Bill Hepburn our artistick blacksmith went to work in his shop last Monday morning as ushual but he haddent quite recovered from his spree of the Satter-day before over to the co. We told Mrs. Witherow this was a great compliment to her mince pies be-cus a mince pie had to be purty choice. I a a tall.

After church all the wlnrmen folks crowded around Amelia and askt her if she had sore throat or was she suffring from toothake being as she was bundled up so with fur around the face. We cant we answer. Get a mess of this sawsidge before its all gone. Witherow said that she would cut one for ns only she was afeard it was too hot to ete and then we said that we alius preferd our mince pie hot, so Mrs.

Witherow cut one strate across the middle and then strate acrost tother way making four quarter seckshions to the pie as you joplin stranger personals say and told us to help ourself whitch we done.

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Joplin stranger personals Bale stood it jest as long as he could, then he got mad and hauled off and hit his-self a vishish wallop on the jaw knock-in hisself sprawlin into the open fire place and burning his hand like everythink.

Lime Peters was turrible sick Friday morning when he woke up with vilenl pains to his stummick and had to send for Doc Livermore our veternary 8r human spechialist. Its a shame and a dis-grase the way them as has to be out and around has got to waller through snow on the sidewalks clean up to their middles. So if Dave desires the Bugle hell haft to pay in cash instid of in hens who have passed away of pip. Sib Wilkins from down Sorrow Hollow way was in town yesterday and reports 19 degrees below zero down there. Zeke pared his toe nails last Sunday joplin stranger personals pared one of em a leetle mite to dost.

Then we departed. Lige told his wife he would show her what a grate thing sodder is so he tuk her warsh boiler whitch was almost new and punchd two holes into it and told her to watch him sodder same until the boiler was bettern a new one.

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